Jack Barakat Surprises You 

*Smut warning* super sexiness ahead! I hope you like it! -Maddie

You were having a shit day. You got a flat tire on your way to work and that threw your whole day off. You were late, your boss was pissed, and you had a mountain of work to do. You didn’t have time for lunch and yeah, food was important so you were pretty pissed. You wanted nothing more to get home. With luck, you’d have a little bit of time to skype with your boyfriend, Jack, who was finishing up a ridiculously long tour on the other side of the world. It would be a week before you’d get to see him for real.

When you got to your apartment, you tried your key but found your door was stuck. It jammed up sometimes, but never this bad. You lined yourself up with the door, pushing all your weight into it as you turned the key. Your door flew open and you found yourself flying into your dark apartment.

You didn’t hit the ground. Instead, you were caught midair by a pair of long arms. “Boo!” you heard and woah, who the fuck was in your apartment? You screamed loud enough that your entire building would hear. You’d watched enough episodes of CSI to know you didn’t have much time to act.

The lights switched on then and you were met with the sight of your boyfriend, doubled over in laughter.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" you gasped.

"Jeez, nice to see you too babe," he said, still catching his breath. He reached over, his long arms drawing you into him.

"Seriously, how are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be in Singapore or something?"

"Yeah I was…last week. I may have exaggerated how long the tour was just a teensy bit."

"You fucker," you growled.

"Mm, don’t talk to me like that," he said, voice low. He picked you up without another word and began kissing your neck. He carried you over to the kitchen counter and put you down. His hands immediately went for your shirt, pulling it over your head and taking your bra off in record time.

You moaned as his hands found your nipples, kneading them and teasing them out.

"Fuck, Jack. Bed. Now," you whined as his mouth took over where his hand had been.

He picked you up, mouth not letting up as he carried you into your bedroom. His tongue swirled around your nipple shakily as he walked. Your every nerve was on alert. It had been so long since you’d been with him that you couldn’t contain yourself.

Apparently, neither could Jack, who had put you down on the bed so that he could quickly remove his own clothes and the rest of yours. He climbed on top of you, his hands unable to stay in one place. Your hands were securely on his back, nails creating angry lines in his deeply tanned skin.

He kissed his way down your stomach, gently nipping at the skin as he went. He ignored your center, instead kissing at your thighs. He sucked at your inner thighs, close enough to set you on fire but still a hell of a tease.

You shifted, bucking your hips to try to get him where you needed. He grabbed hold of your hips, holding them down as he finally gave you what you needed.

He began by just licking your length, narrowly avoiding your clit. He stiffened his tongue, teasing your entrance. At this point you were moaning like a porn star, completely shameless as you begged him to do something, anything. His finally pushed his tongue into you, causing you to cry out. He worked his tongue in and out rhythmically while his thumb barely brushed over your clit.

"Jack, my clit," you whined. You needed his tongue desperately. And he responded, licking it with his tongue flat before flicking it over quickly with just the tip. You’d never felt something so amazing, and you knew you were close.

Then he stopped. “Fuck Y/N, I need to fuck you, now.”

He crawled over you, hair in his face as he lined up with your entrance. He pushed into you and it felt incredible. You instantly locked your legs around his waist, limiting his movements but keeping him inside you. He grunted as he tried to move, wanting to slam deeper into you. He moved your legs from his waist up to his shoulders.

From that angle, he was able to get so much deeper. He held onto your hips, eyes shut as he focused on pumping into and out of you. “Y/N, I’m so close.”

"Me too, baby."

Just a few minutes later, you found your release, and it was everything you’d been waiting for. He was close behind. When he was done, he laid next to you, both sweaty from the whirlwind you’d just experienced. You laid your head on his chest, tracing his tattoo with your finger as he ran his hand through your hair.

"I really missed you while I was gone you know," he said, leaning over to kiss your forehead.

"I missed you too babe."

"Nothing feels better than being home. Except maybe scaring the shit out of you in the process, of course."

"You’re such an asshole. I’m so happy you’re back," you smiled. You were both comfortable and found yourselves asleep before you knew it.

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